Mini LED turn signals

LED blinkersIf I could have my way I wouldn’t have even put any blinkers on my bike at all.  Not only did it mean  more wiring to try to stuff inside the frame, but,  to me putting big stupid looking blinkers on my otherwise clean looking bike,  just plain looked the shits. Unfortunately the guy who was doing the DMV inspection said he couldn’t rubber stamp it unless it had functioning blinkers.  So with that said, I set out on a quest to find the smallest set of turn signals in the free world.  I did find some fairly small bullet LED blinkers on Ebay but at 1 1/2″ inches long they were still too big for my liking.  A guy on Club Chopper’s forum recommended mini LED blinkers made by Big Bear Choppers. The weren’t bad but they wanted 140.00 a pair little bastards ….screw that!  Then one day I happened to run across a little Web store called They have these really nifty little blinkers that measure in at a mere 7/16″ in diameter (They also offer 5/8″ dia). I did have my reservations about them Read more »

Mutant Buell Wiring Diagram

wiring diagramThis is the wiring diagram that I used to wire my Mutant, but it will work on pretty much any Harley evo engine as well. It’s pretty simple as you can see. Only 2 fuses and the spring-return ignition eliminates the need for a starter relay. Click on the image to view full size.

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